It is a new Bar & Dining concept  by Westerpark-Amsterdam, mainly focused on afternoon aperitif, casual dinners, brunches and late night cocktails.

As Italians, we care about the food we prepare, and we enjoy having a conversation about it.

The idea of PR1MI is to bring the friendly atmosphere that is created when you eat and drink together through her majesty “APERITIVO”, which is the quintessential Italian concept since 1786, a social way of meeting up with friends and families, a way to stay together and share the day while sipping a delicious cocktails, nibbling some contemporary antipasti or enjoying more generous Primi piatti.

At Pr1mi we believe in excellence, which is why we source all our products from the best local suppliers and import first quality Italian delights, niche liquors, spirits and wines, cheeses and cured meat.

You will find authentic Italian cuisine with a Sicilian touch, both traditional and creative recipes.

Our mission is to deliver an experience, share our passion for cocktails, contemporary antipasti and Primi piatti, juicy Italian wine, music, inspiring art, travels and culture. All of this – needless to say – with great real Italian hospitality.

“Choose in freedom following only your thirst, hunger and curiosity”